Wrong mobile numbers assigned to Gizmo 3 watches

When I ordered two Gizmo 3 watches on the website last week, I was able to pick the first 6 digits of each of the mobile numbers. I assigned them the same first 6 digits to make them easier to remember. Well the watches arrived today and neither of them have the correct first 6 digits that I picked, and they don't even have the same first 6 digits as each other. The website is not very helpful and is only allowing me to change the mobile number of one of the watches, and gives me only 1 option of first 6 digits (which does not match the other). How can I get these to have the same first 6 digits?

Re: Wrong mobile numbers assigned to Gizmo 3 watches
Customer Service Rep

We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Numbers are generated automatically.When you change your mobile number in the My Verizon app or online in My Verizon, you can select the area code and prefix. The last 4 digits will be automatically assigned to you based on what's available. You can get more details here: https://www.verizon.com/support/change-mobile-number-faqs/#item5