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I talked to 8 agents and tried to buy a watch, each agent told me different prices, different discounts, different conditions. I spent more than five hours chatting because I had to wait several minutes for each response. every agent tried to hide part of the cost from me in order to sell the watch faster. I have never experienced such a bad service experience from such a large company. If my request is not resolved, I will be forced to change mobile operator, because at this stage Verizon is behaving extremely dirty and unprofessional

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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear that you didn't have a great experience when trying to purchase your watch. Every time you reach out to us, we want to make sure we're being efficient and transparent. The great news is that we have all of our promotions and devices online where you can find all pricing information as well as available promotions. Here's a link where you can take a look at our promotions for smartwatches and all other devices we sell: